Vipassana in India

The government of the state Maharashtra (with the capital Mumbai) promotes officers of the higher service to learn a practise Vipassana, and grants ten additional, paid-up working days to be able to take part in a Vipassana course. In addition, the electric ministry offers 30 days of vacation to Vipassana assistent teachers to conduct a Vipassana long term cours or to take part in it.
 The city administrations of Mumbai and Pune as well as organizations of the public sector as for example the oil committee and natural gas committee (ONGC, the most valuable enterprise of India with a market capitalization of 21.8 billion US dollars) send their officials to the participate in Vipassana courses.

The board of the Indian Railway, directors of the Indian railroad company which maintains the second largest railroad network of the world and transports daily 14 million passengers has recently ordered that its employees get extra vacation to participate in Vipassana courses and they are encouraged to take part in these.
 The board of directors of the √©lite-education center of government Maharashtra (of the Yashwantrao Chavan college for development and administration (Yashada) has recommended under the chairmanship of the Assistant Secretary a suggestion to introduce 10-day Vipassana courses as a part of the basic education for officers of the higher service. Regular day courses 10 are carried out for their civil servants.

The Ministry of Interior of the Indian government has recognized Vipassana meditation as a technology for the improvement of the personality structure of delinquent fellow citizens and has introduced this in all central prisons, in particular in the Tihar prison (New Delhi). Vipassana courses are carried out in Tihar for over ten years in a own, prison-internal Vipassana centre. In addition, a 20-day course is offered yearly.

The ministry of education has approved the Vipassana research institute (V.R.I). and the Vipassana Internationally Academy (V.I.A.) as important institutions for the support and development of national integration and international agreement. The ministry has recommended to the foreign ministry to instruct the Indian embassies, to issue visas for foreign Vipassana students if they liked to visit Vipassana centers in India and take part in courses.

The ministry of science and technology of the Indian government has approved the Vipassana research institute (V.R.I). as a scientific institution.
The Ministry of Finance of the Indian government, has registered the Vipassana research institute (V.R.I). according to the income expensive law  from 1961 as a promoteable "institution". With it people should be encouraged to make a donations to support this institution in its research projects.