Dhamma Mudita

Dhamma Mudita is one of the many meditation centres in the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation, as taught by S.N.Goenka. It is situated in Rechberg in Upper Austria, about 40 kilometres east of Linz, Austria's second city.

The pali word Mudita means sympathetic joy for the happiness and accomplishments of others. Muditā is also a result of meditation.

The land was purchased in 2015. Up until now, infrastructure and basic facilities have been built. Currently no 10-day courses are being conducted at Dhamma Mudita as the centre is still under construction. Gradually Dhamma Mudita will be developed into a full centre running up to 20 10-day courses per year for about 120 people to meditate at one time.

The property has a total area of 7.2 hectares, including 3.5 hectares of forest, 2.5 hectares of meadowland, and 1.1 hectares of building land. The open areas are surrounded by a protective forest belt. The building land is located in the upper part of the meadow on a south-west exposed slope at about 550 m above sea level.

For further details please visit www.dhamma-mudita.at and have a look at the centre broschure.