The Organization

The Austrian Vipassana Trust has been established in 2008 in order to serve the growing demand for Vipassana courses in Austria. It is part of the global Vipassana organization. In the first years, three courses per year were conducted at rented sites with capacities for up to 150 participants. Later, four and five courses had been held and since 2019 the Austrian organization is conducting up to six courses per year.

The long term perspective is to establish a meditation centre, dedicated solely to running Vipassana Meditation Courses. A site has been bought in Upper Austria. Planning, design and funding are already in progress. Detailed information about the current status of the centre project can be found in the Old Student's Section - Dhamma Mudita of this website and on the website

Just like the trusts of other countries, the Austrian association is organized in several committees, for example the course organization committee, finance committee, kitchen committee, etc. Meditators who have completed at least one 10-day course are welcome to join committees and to contribute and support the growth of Dhamma in Austria.