Course Sites in Austria

In Austria, courses are held in different rented sites that offer the best possible conditions for serious meditation.

JUFA Hochkar

A tranquil place in the mountains. The site is located near Goestling/Ybbs, resting on the northern side of the Lower Austrian Alps. The estate has about 70 rooms with hotel standard with shower and toilets and provides space for 124 meditators. Drive there via Amsetten or Ybbs/Donau. Public transports are the train Amstetten to Waidhofen/Ybbs and from there by bus to Goestling/Ybbs. Change there to the bus directly to Hochkar.

JUFA Waldviertel - Raabs an der Thaya

This place is located on the banks of the river Thaya, in Raabs an der Thaya, in the north-western part of Lower Austria, in the Waldviertel near the Czech border. Get there over  and B4 from St. Pölten, via  E49 and  B4 from Vienna or via B38, B41 and B2 from Linz. Coming from Germany you might want to go there via Prague. Public transports are trains and buses via Krems, Horn or Tulln.
The estate has about 60 rooms with shower and toilets and provides space for 130 meditators.

St. Arbogast

Quietly located 1.5 kilometers outside of Götzis on the edge of a nature reserve above the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley, this seminar house has a bright and transparent architecture. Vorarlberg is the westernmost province of Austria, bordering Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein, and Götzis can be easily reached by train (direct connections to e.g. Vienna or Ulm) or car (A14). The house offers 55 rooms with attached bathrooms, and can accommodate up to 115 meditators.

Course sites in other countries

Sometimes courses from the Austrian Trust are carried out in locations in other countries. Course sites in Hausham (Germany) and Dhamma Pallava (Poland) offer excellent facilities for meditation. For these courses, applications from Austrian meditators are processed first.

Hausham - Course site in Southeast Germany

"Berghof" in Hausham/near Agatharied is a quiet place in a beautiful natural setting situated on a little hill with amazing views of the surrouding Alps. The course site is located about 45 km south of Munich and can be reached by car (from Salzburg and Munich) and also by train (Bayrische Oberlandbahn, Station to get off: Agatharied).

Dhamma Pallava

Dhamma Pallava is the name of the Vipassana centre in Poland. The centre is newly built and has been completed only a little while ago. It offers excellent facilities for meditation in a beautiful setting surrounded by forrests and gardens.